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me myself

me myself
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

mom...why u are so insipiring!

exam is coming soon.but why dont i feel that im quite ready with the examination???

this is sound so cliche among other dental student.they went home along this stdyyyweek.

but me? im here studying like i is compulsory to avoid lahh tu.

but our topic here.thankyou mom for inspired me to do the best even u know me  better.!u still putting 100 trust on my ability. yes.just be like NARUTO.nver give up even u have to go through difficult thing in your life.

do the best to all my frens and dental student.chaiyok. never give up to gain out knowledge.not only stdying for examination.then all these thing will go dissapear from your mind at the end

do tawakal to allah after you put a great effort. nicenicenice.

salam peperiksaan.

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