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lu'lu' : mutiara
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at usim,pandan indah.
this blog just for hobby :)
and im like reading, sharing2.
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me myself

me myself
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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

:') i got an x-ray ... then the result are..

i had an x-ray done today and they found all of you in my heart. the doctor said if they took all of you out. i would die,because i could not live without such  the amazing persons. i give this heart to all of you because i dont wanna lose all of you in this new year and forever till jannah..

credit to my family(mak:')..bpk,angah,alang,adik,and new family members, #just kidding),friends(since we meet and got a silaturahim),and everybodehhhhh that comes even in single part of my  right atrium,ventricles,cardiac apex,auricle : HEART and so on..

 also for my part of memories since tamhidi.:')

uhibukum FILLAH :)

 THE MOST IMPORTANT give all part of your heart only for Allah and Rasul swt.

 #wht you give you will GET it back.

*missing my family a lot lot lot lot lot....:(

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